2014 Speakers & Schedule

We would like to thank the speakers for the incredible effort and prep put into their presentations.  As we edit the presentations and post, we will link to them below, as well as display them on TED’s TEDx site, http://www.ted.com/watch/tedx-talks

Tedx 2014 Schedule and Speakers:

10:06am – Matt Abrahamson | Opening Up New Worlds With Space Navigation

10:26am –  Martin Loeffler | The Social Change Agent Factory

10:46am – David Glanzman  | How Do Our Brains Retain a Record of Our Past Experience?

11:06am – Eric Vilain | Fair Game?

11:26am – John Maceri | Can Homelessness be Solved?

11:46am - Magnus Walker | Go with your Gut Feeling

12:06pm – Christoph Bull with Norton Wisdom | Performance

12:21 – 1:06 Lunch Break, and viewing of Magnus Walkers 277 Porsche and  Lisa and Paolo’s film bus.

1:06pm – Rory Aronson | Open-Source Automated Precision Farming

1:18pm – Thomas Kosakowski | Ombuds: An Emerging Resource for Organizational Conflict

1:38pm – Carly Rogers | Surfing: Infinite Possibilities to Heal

1:52pm - John Pryor | How to Make College Better, and Why We Need to

2:12pm - Jeanne Holm | Open Data Changes Lives

2:32pm – M. Alex O. Vasilescu  |  Face Recognition: Facts vs. Fiction

2:44pm – Alex Benepe | The Emergence of Real-Life Quidditch

2:58pm – Lisa Marr and Paolo Davanzo | The Sound We See